Boost your website by deploying a Semi-dedicated Servers US.

If you think that your cloud hosting account is no longer an acceptable solution for your own online presence, but a dedicated server is too expensive and too challenging to control, you can make the most of our USA semi–dedicated servers.

A Linux semi-dedicated server is a a one of a kind mix from a shared website hosting account and a dedicated server , which supplies the best of both worlds. It provides the the effectiveness of a dedicated server (but without the frequent server administration tasks), through an easy–to–use Control Panel that comes with all of our cloud hosting plans by default.

And due to their individuality, our semi–dedicated servers are available only in the US data center. It became the initial data center at which we’ve been in a position to set up our tailor–made cloud hosting platform and it also offers unmatched power and cooling solutions. We have also created a customized internal network based upon enterprise–level Juniper routers and switches. This is why, we can ensure a 99.9% network uptime with our Semi-dedicated Servers US

One of the main features of our US–based semi–dedicated servers certainly is the Find Your Flow Hosting Control Panel. It is featured free of cost with all semi–dedicated servers and has been meant to be running in the cloud. By doing this, we free your server from needing to power the Control Panel along with your sites all together. You can utilize the full server strength only for your web sites. Additionally, the Control Panel is loaded with free tools and extra features , which will optimize your web site.

Other US Hosting Services

Our US data center features many web hosting options for all customers based on the sites and the web applications they would like to launch. You will find Shared Website Hosting US for anyone who would like to manage a personal blog, portfolio as well as an e–commerce store. Find Your Flow Hosting’s cloud hosting packages have a 99.9% network uptime guarantee as well as a academy domain name for just $32.49. If you need to set up a development environment or if you need additional quotas for your online presence, then you could consider our VPS Servers US. Our Virtual Private Servers have a choice of Control Panels and have extra efficient SSD drives. Whenever you want a brand new home for a really popular site or perhaps a very CPU requiring web app, then you’ll be able to go with each of our Dedicated Servers US. They have trustworthy hardware components and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee.